Suicide by Slight of Hand

In an article, Middle East Revisited: Terrorism, I wrote of my belief that beneath the layers of public reasons for a suicide bomber to take others with him or her is the urgent need to abandon a disappointing life and enter into and take over that of a victim. The details drawing me towards this conclusion can be found in the above mentioned article.

In the wake of October’s Amishschool violence, I further claimed that the Middle East had no monopoly on this delusion, born of desperation. To me all pedophilic “rebirths” are as the victim; contingent murder simply furthers an illusion that the switch had taken, getting it pass any remnant of rationality. An advertiser’s skill understands that we believe by various degrees: why not this belief held latent by the wretch.

English: : A mirror, reflecting a vase. Españo...

It is frustrating that many wonder about such violence with an ambiguous “why” whose meaning includes justification; and then stop it all with an explanation from this person who, alive, would be totally distrusted. In the Amish case, the murderer connected fantasies of molesting school girls with an earlier molestation by him. Had he been born a little girl . . . “he may have avoided decades of guilt.” It is too sad for words: “seizing back” innocence and all those lost years with a new body, that of some young girl.

At Virginia Polytechnic Institute, the wretch had a desire to be wealthy but was kept unconscious of this by a different slight of hand. What had been a flurry of Jihad in the Middle East and of absolution in an Amish schoolhouse manifested itself as wealth-directed rage in Blacksburg, VA.

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