Gaming in Massachusetts: Proposed Casinos

There is mounting pressure from many elected officials in Massachusetts to allow communities to dig more deeply into a grand, old deceit that hints of special relationships with luck.

English: Illustration showing the anatomy of a...

It has been proposed that casinos be built as sources of revenue for the Commonwealth; and that, on our behalf and their own, several interests alight mosquito-like from a mire of gaming stations upon visitors, anesthetize them with random fluctuations of coinage to what would become an imperceptible outward flow, and then fill the resulting void with an itch to return. In the name of fiscal responsibility, we are asked to share the other responsibility: that of setting these carriers of West Reno upon our neighbors.

Racetracks offer very different risks from those of casinos. The former is a vicarious celebration of struggle and attainment; the latter, a leveling of the playing field into mindlessness. Our enjoyment of risking flows from a need to experience and understand the world about us. By stripping risk of authentic, mental participation, slot machines and their like subvert nature’s intention and are far worse than any bite.

Despite my allusions, gaming promoters are not mosquitoes; but, with the passage of this legislation, I would not be able to tell the difference.

So, what right do I have to tell people what they may not do? Well, what right do some people in Massachusetts have to force others to confederate with hustlers?

Please help to defeat it.

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