A License to Tote

Consider the following approach to a gun toting license:

  1. One would obtain said license upon each license-specific qualification being verified: in person, by a temporary occupational waiver, or by an occupational waiver of qualification-specific permanence.
  2. Any weapon toted by an individual must be registered either to the license of said person or to that of the private property wherein it is being toted. When licensed, said person or property will henceforth, be referred to as the licensee.
  3. A weapon may be licensed to more than one licensee, such as to members of the same family, or to a property and its owners; and the license of one licensee may have more than one weapon registered to it.
  4. When a licensee is found to possess a weapon, not so registered, it would be temporarily confiscated, checked, and upon becoming properly registered (to a new or existing license),  returned to that person or private property: in fact, to that licensee.
  5. If the above unregistered weapon had been possessed by someone, later charged with committing a crime, during that possession,  it would have been held throughout its term as evidence, and so long as it were possible for its owner to regain his, her or its license, and register said weapon. Furthermore, were a conviction obtained, two possibilities would emerge: if the weapon had not been fired, an NF% (say 5%) would be added to the sentence; but had it been fired, whether or not anyone had been hit, an F% (say 15%) would be added. After all, with due respect to the Equalizer, and given that a crime had been committed, why should the level of skill or bad luck even matter.

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