A Language of Freedom

Each of us lives a life beset by outer impositions: those  from others and those from nature.

None of us enters into this world equipped to deal with either set. When a specific imposition derives from another, that person needs to find in his or her own heart or be introduced by society to an obligatory respect, which recognized, would divert the imposing action. However, when such an imposition derives from nature, a member of the greater community may (through science, religion or common sense) make available to that person relief,  subject both to the abilities of the one offering it and the willingness of the one accepting it.

There are choices which are free of impositions by others; and those, free of impositions by nature. None of these are necessarily extendable beyond their particular free scope, but in time, an imposition may draw insight towards a right, worthy of having its corresponding obligation recognized, and either accepted or imposed; while some different imposition, towards a particular understanding (scientific, religious or common sense), which then casts light on and relief from it, but again only if offered and accepted. Ironically, in the name of free choice, without both, relief simply doesn’t happen.