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In Search of Lost Memories (Chapter 4): Prague Revisited

On May 28th 1970, I flew into Vienna on what happened to be an Austrian holiday. The next day I hitched my way out to the Czechoslovak border, crossed it and caught a train for Prague. To my surprise, aboard that train were three Americans that I had met in Athens two months earlier. I often ran into people in Europe whom I had met altogether elsewhere; but the fix was in on this rarity: in Athens, I had spoken to them fondly of Prague.

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In Search of Lost Memories (Chapter 3): Cradles of Civilization

On arrival in Istanbul (early January 1970), I went to a nearby pension and contacted Cengiz. A day later he and I were in a dolmus (pronounced as dolmoosh), and off to find a place for me near Taxim (Square). Dolma is Turkish for stuffed, and a dolmus was a taxi whose driver had the prerogative of taking on extra passengers who were going in about the same direction: that is to stuff his vehicle. It was not only cheaper but actually much more fun than solo.

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In Search of Lost Memories (Chapter 2): Rail to Istanbul

On November 20, 1969, I boarded a train heading out of East Berlin toward Istanbul. Beside me was a man from Japan who had days earlier advised me of making this particular connection. Continue reading

In Search of Lost Memories (Chapter 1): Berlin

These events and those in the memoirs that follow have, before now, not been related to anyone.

With the 20th anniversary celebration of the toppling of the Berlin Wall, I reminisced twenty years even further back upon an earlier visit to Berlin in November of 1969, only to discover that I had misunderstood how that visit actually ended.

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