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Middle East Revisited: Israelis-Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon

Currently some Israelis are proposing the annexation of territories, captured in 1967, which lie on the Israeli side of the wall. Ariel Sharon , as Prime Minister, assured that the barrier had been built solely to prevent military incursions. Imbued with that pledge, it has brought a pax muralis along with the hope of its becoming unnecessary. Promoters of annexation could not put it more clearly: they intend to slip this by him as he lies in a coma.

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The Lost Sapling

Several years ago, I saw a beautiful Umbrella Magnolia tree, and purchased a two-foot sapling to plant in my yard. The spot that I chose had weed saplings all about, but I neglected to mark mine. In the spring I went looking for it and found access to the area awkward. Still I walked in and searched for some revealing leaf. It was too early.

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Iraq: A Rushed Decision

April Glaspie shakes hands with Saddam Hussein

Friendly or Fauxy

In early 2003 Saddam Hussein had, at the very least, access to materials and designs for the production of weapons of mass destruction; furthermore, he would soon have had at his disposal the unfettered wealth of Iraqi oil fields. At that time President Bush appeared to be faced with a dilemma: either live with the coming critical mass of oil wealth and homicidal mania, or launch a preemptive war.

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Middle East Revisited: Iraq

When Chile and Argentina were ruled by brutal generals, I would gladly have had their regimes toppled. But our (U.S.A) executive branch had chosen instead to lay down with dictators and—not surprisingly—it rose up with a contorted sense of the legitimacy of its actions. Continue reading

Middle East Revisited: Towards Peace

When one nation attacks another, the international community may retaliate against or impose sanctions on the aggressor. Without such possibilities international laws on aggression would be moot.

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Middle East Revisited: Terrorism

I write here of distortions in terrorist relationships to heritage and to self, not about their finding my country, the United States, to be a detriment to either. Stripped of these distortions, any disappointment in our involvement would not be constantly upstaging its own agenda.

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Nuclear Assault

U.S. and USSR/Russian nuclear weapons stockpil...

Nuclear stockpiles

There is something missing from the current confrontations with Iran and North Korea: a clarification of those less obvious actions constituting a nuclear assault. Likely to be misconstrued as saber- rattling, in fact, such a declaration would bring, with its openness, a fairness both to those who might be otherwise confused and to those down wind from that confusion. Remember that détente was grounded in an ongoing mutual clarity.

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