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The Biochemical-Industrial Complexes

Dwight D. Eisenhower photo portrait.

Raising the Issue

In his farewell address, President Dwight Eisenhower warned the nation that a military-industrial complex, led by interests within the government, the military, and those industries supplying the military, could stray from the original intent of national defense towards personal interest. Continue reading

Crops for the Insatiable Appetite

In season, pollen grains containing trillions of genetically engineered gametes slip across boundaries into small, private farms where they have their way with local daughter gametes. Far from offering to pay child support, one large agribusiness insists instead upon receiving a stud fee. As hoots go, this would be grand, but our judicial system does one better. It holds the issue up to an earlier, wrong decision and considers the required stud fee quite sensible.

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A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned

In an ideal world, employees should be paid according to the effort made, the risk taken, and the benefit brought to the company. It must be difficult for management to set pay standards for the lower ranks, but for themselves it is impossible: their contribution is unique as is their personal interest in that setting.

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Sharia Compliant Finance

Long before the founding of Islam, the charging of interest on loans had been broadly forbidden. Early encounters with interest bearing loans had often led to impoverishment and in response community by community condemned the instrument. Beginning with England under Henry VIII, many non-Islāmic countries began recognizing the value brought to the borrower in a loan’s temporal empowerment.

Countries with Sharia rule.

Sharian Rule by Degree

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Reduction and Transportation of Nuclear Waste

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With the looming energy crisis, it is clear that we must revive the licensing of nuclear reactors by securing both their radioactive fuel and waste in use, storage, or transit from mishaps accidental or seismic; as well as from seizure or explosive scattering by terrorists.

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Health Care: A Nationwide System

For every nation that supports its citizens in obtaining health services there are financial limitations that make some care unavailable. Here, I propose a multi-feedback system which mediates optimally between our deepest values and the realities of illness and scarcity. It would reconcile a Presidential-legislative sense of importance with accounting, actuarial, and medical senses of what is: all of this while reducing paperwork; and spurring well-redirected programs in medical research.

The details would emerge dynamically from Presidential-legislative, well-being choices, combined in a calculus with several, apolitical, actuarial-medical wikidatapedias: one would be an accounting wikidatapedia, and two homologous to a medical expert system. Entries of perhaps multinational origin would be subject to some oversight.

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Gaming in Massachusetts: Proposed Casinos

There is mounting pressure from many elected officials in Massachusetts to allow communities to dig more deeply into a grand, old deceit that hints of special relationships with luck.

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