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The Physics of Cancer and Tissue Regeneration

In biology, turgor pressure or turgidity is th...

Inner Tugor Pressure upon Cell Walls

Here I hypothesize a pressure sensitive reaction that is a gateway to cellular mitosis. Were this to be so, then as little as a weakened inter-cellular affinity among neoplastic cells would reveal jostling as a trigger for mitosis in a cohesive tumor. Accordingly more of such cells would undergo necrosis when exposed concurrently to both jostling and cytotoxins specific to mitosis.

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Reduction and Transportation of Nuclear Waste

English: Nevada Test Site. Typical low-level r...

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With the looming energy crisis, it is clear that we must revive the licensing of nuclear reactors by securing both their radioactive fuel and waste in use, storage, or transit from mishaps accidental or seismic; as well as from seizure or explosive scattering by terrorists.

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