No Riddle but Noticed

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Face to Face with Nature

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Middle East Revisited: Israelis-Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon

Currently some Israelis are proposing the annexation of territories, captured in 1967, which lie on the Israeli side of the wall. Ariel Sharon , as Prime Minister, assured that the barrier had been built solely to prevent military incursions. Imbued with that pledge, it has brought a pax muralis along with the hope of its becoming unnecessary. Promoters of annexation could not put it more clearly: they intend to slip this by him as he lies in a coma.

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The Lost Sapling

Several years ago, I saw a beautiful Umbrella Magnolia tree, and purchased a two-foot sapling to plant in my yard. The spot that I chose had weed saplings all about, but I neglected to mark mine. In the spring I went looking for it and found access to the area awkward. Still I walked in and searched for some revealing leaf. It was too early.

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Cancer: A Birds Eye View

Birds of prey kill and regurgitate food to their young. In time they bring back injured animals for offspring to kill and eat on their own. Oncology has these two choices: killing tumor cells outright; or injuring and feeding them to a patient’s immune system.

Here I suggest that, with a high neoplastic cell count and a still healthy immune system, introducing an anti-metabolite of folic acid may work towards stimulating the latter immune response. Such conditions existed in a particular case in 2011 with some success. That success may have been lengthened, had the triweekly, anti-metabolite infusion waited an additional week, to test for this having been from an immune response.  With such a response the anti-metabolite might have been suspended still longer preserving the immune system and lengthening its effectiveness. This would promise itself a chemotherapy against which no cancer could evolve towards resistance. With its occasional fresh starts and new immune responses, it would fail, if at all, with the failure of an immune response to rekindle.

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The Time You Won Your Town the Race

In the Spring of 1995 with the Boston Marathon two or three days away, Wellesley College held a conference allowing the press, students and the public to meet élite, women runners who had gathered from around the world to take part. Continue reading

Freedom (III): Illuminating Ghostly Conclusions

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