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Health Care: A Nationwide System

For every nation that supports its citizens in obtaining health services there are financial limitations that make some care unavailable. Here, I propose a multi-feedback system which mediates optimally between our deepest values and the realities of illness and scarcity. It would reconcile a Presidential-legislative sense of importance with accounting, actuarial, and medical senses of what is: all of this while reducing paperwork; and spurring well-redirected programs in medical research.

The details would emerge dynamically from Presidential-legislative, well-being choices, combined in a calculus with several, apolitical, actuarial-medical wikidatapedias: one would be an accounting wikidatapedia, and two homologous to a medical expert system. Entries of perhaps multinational origin would be subject to some oversight.

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Gaming in Massachusetts: Proposed Casinos

There is mounting pressure from many elected officials in Massachusetts to allow communities to dig more deeply into a grand, old deceit that hints of special relationships with luck.

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Social Security: The Challenge

By the nature of its task, Social Security will be forever coming up short. The challenge is to avoid confusion about how our decisions redound to the well-being of contributors.

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