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Black ‘n Blue

I once told my late brother-in-law that two drivers, making otherwise inconsequential mistakes at the very same place and moment, may easily find themselves in a fatal accident. What follows are some otherwise inconsequential black ‘n blue mistakes which, played out at the same place and moment but on a different stage, have turned deadly.

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Justice Delivered; Message Lost

Suppose that a particular right is both worthy of judicial support and in need of it. The details of codification take on an importance equal to that of the right itself, because the final draft is responsible to the entire legal system as well as to its own message (e.g. laws governing illicit drugs and parole boards).

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A Tale of Three Databases

Frontside of ID card issued in Taiwan

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This is about a national identification card and system that would secure the privacy of holders. There is much to be gained and, by what follows, little likelihood of a breach in their trust of personal information.

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Beyond Three Strikes


English: United States Penitentiary, Leavenwor...

Leavenworth Prison



This approach to the problem of recidivism goes way beyond current three-strikes-you’re-out legislation. Since a criminal may operate in different states, it would become either part of federal law or of state laws for a growing association of states that accept it:


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