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Now That’s a Silence of a Different Color

To live in a country which respects the freedom of expression is to live also free not to express. Attributing such to shame is rarely seen as intrusive speculation; but here I do so with many a forgotten or never known silence. They are definitely of a different color. May they muddle any attempt at breaching a part of our inner selves which is simply private.

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Why Ask? Why Tell, Period?

Shame (OMD song)

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For centuries, homosexuals had been harassed into separate closets and were more recently told that a military demand for confidentiality was about returning to that situation. Crusaders instilling shame and defenders from it imagined that this policy was about their own holy wars. It was not, but rather it asked whether homosexuals would be allowed to move on to that or any non-disclosure without being stigmatized as having acted in shame.

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